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How to Manage Socials and Messaging in One Place

Feb 2024

Estate Planning 78 - How To Manage Socials And Messaging In One Place
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A social media management platform provides you with a central location for all your contributors to manage posts and messaging across the platforms you use.

Social media is a powerful way to reach clients, but it can be challenging to manage a cohesive social calendar, social posts, and social messages across several social platforms. And that’s not counting managing which staff, volunteers, or contractors have access to which pages on which platforms.

A social media management platform makes this process easier by creating a central location for all your contributors to create and respond to social content.

Let’s take a look at how a social media management platform can help a Pregnancy Care Center more effectively and efficiently use social media to reach and engage their community and clients.

Social Media Management Platform Features

These are some of the top features and benefits of a social media management platform:

  • Post to multiple social accounts from one location. Finally, no more signing into numerous social platforms to make posts.
  • Manage a social post calendar. Plan and see all upcoming (and past) posts on all the social platforms you post to.
  • Schedule social posts ahead of time. This one is a major time saver – you can schedule posts for the whole month if you want!
  • Respond to social messages across platforms all in one place. Save time and eliminate missed messages.
  • View analytics to understand how people are interacting with your posts – learn and improve!
  • Manage access. Easily manage which contributors can post, comment, or message on all your various social platforms.
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We recommend InAtmosphere as a social media management platform for pregnancy care centers.

Social Media Management Platform Options

There are many social media management platforms available.

You may have heard of HootSuite, SproutSocial, or ManyChat. Each of these has its benefits. The downside of all of these is cost, especially when you want a team to help with managing your social efforts.

We recommend InAtmosphere as a social media management platform for pregnancy care centers.

InAtmosphere is our solution, launched to offer pregnancy care centers feature-rich social media management at lower costs than other solutions. You’ll find that InAtmosphere can save your center money because it does not charge for additional users. Finally! You can build a team to help you manage social media without paying punishing per-user fees.

InAtmosphere also serves as both a client relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation platform, meaning you could use it to manage contacts and send emails or text messages to volunteers, supporters, and donors.

This is a huge benefit! Many businesses pay for both a CRM tool AND a social media management tool, doubling costs and reducing efficiency by juggling two platforms. This option truly streamlines your process.

Is a platform for social media management worth the investment?

If you manage a presence on more than one social platform, having a platform to help you handle conversations and posts in one place could certainly be more time- and cost-effective.

Even if one person usually handles all your social posts and engagement, having a second person trained and ready to step in can be a lifesaver in case your primary person becomes unavailable.

If you decide a social media management platform may be a good fit for your center, consider InAtmosphere. We’d love to give you a tour.

It may feel daunting to tackle a whole new platform. Before you decide if it’s right for you, schedule a walkthrough. We’ll walk you through InAtmosphere’s main features and benefits. Then, you can determine if it can benefit your center by making communications with prospective clients and donors easier across social, email, and SMS.

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