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4 Ideas on Getting Your Community Involved With Your Pregnancy Center

Dec 2022 | Community, Funding

Estate Planning 75 1 - 4 Ideas On Getting Your Community Involved With Your Pregnancy Center
Pregnancy Center-Community Involvement Ideas Include Hosting Outdoor Activities

Community engagement helps spread the news about your work and generates new volunteers and supporters that want to join your mission.

For pregnancy centers that want to reach more women locally, creating awareness and developing deeper relationships with the community is an excellent place to expand visibility.

Community engagement helps spread the news about your work and generates new volunteers and supporters that want to join your mission.

Many centers already host annual fundraisers and galas to generate awareness and raise money to support their work. These events often focus on dinners, bake sales, or silent auctions.

For example, Birthright of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio, hosts an annual “Cupcakes for Life” event, which involves selling cupcakes to raise funds for the center. They also build games, crafts, and a silent auction into the event. Local businesses and organizations assist by providing donations and volunteers.

Some other pregnancy centers have become more creative about engaging with their community throughout the year. Below are some ideas to inspire community outreach for your center.

1 Host educational events in your community.

Invite speakers to give presentations, host workshops, or develop seminars on crisis pregnancy and reproductive health topics. Educating people in your community can help reduce the stigma around crisis pregnancy care and encourage more people to support your center.

Man Speaking To A Group Of Students In A Casual Restaurant Setting
Estate Planning 75 1 - 4 Ideas On Getting Your Community Involved With Your Pregnancy Center

2 Organize a community service day or project.

Organize a community service day or project supporting your pregnancy center. Projects that include cleaning and light building maintenance can be a perfect way to get the community involved. Ground maintenance, window cleaning, power washing, painting, deep cleaning, and organizing are all things you could receive help with. By involving the community in a service project, you can help to create a sense of ownership and involvement in your center’s mission.

3 Partner with local businesses.

Another way to get your community involved in supporting your pregnancy center is to partner with local businesses. Reach out to companies in your community and ask if they would be willing to donate money, products, or services to the center. You could also ask them to sponsor events like client baby showers or programs like online education for clients. These options are great ways to build relationships with local businesses and get them involved in supporting an important cause in your community.

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4 Host a fundraising activity.

Pregnancy Resource Center of the Ozarks in Springfield, Missouri, hosts an annual “Life Walk,” which involves a 5k walk/run and a 1k family fun walk. The activity-based event raises money for the center and helps to raise awareness about its mission. The center also partners with local businesses, churches, and organizations to gather donations and volunteers.

Find what works in your community. If you’re near a lake, host a paddleboard race. Think about what people do in your community and build a fundraising competition around the activity or interest. Look for opportunities to partner with local churches or associations with a large group of members.

Share your outreach ideas.

Does your center use other creative ideas to connect and involve your community? Please share them with us! Send us an email or tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

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