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How a Great Pregnancy Center Website Increases Appointments

Jun 2022 | Websites

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A great pregnancy resource center website develops two needed factors for increasing appointments to your center: trust and credibility.

Have you ever walked into a retail store that didn’t feel right? Maybe you couldn’t place it, but you felt uneasy three steps in the door.

The place was dingy, the dim lights buzzed loudly, products weren’t in the right place, pricing was confusing or nonexistent, and all the employees seemed indifferent. All of these things create “friction” for the buyer.

It’s the same with your website. If your website makes the women you want to help feel uneasy, why would they make an appointment?

On top of that, verbal attacks are underway. A growing number of mainstream websites like Vox and HuffPost are penning non-subjective information about pregnancy resource centers.

Your website is one of the very few places, before an appointment or consult, where you can debunk their accusations.

Below are some ways your website can ease concerns and build trust and transparency with your community, so your center can receive more online appointments.

Dispel misinformation with clarity.

When your PRC website lacks information, is ambiguous, loads slow, uses old technology, or is hard to navigate, it backs the punches of these unfavorable critics. It turns off the very people you can help.

Instead, when your website is clear, trustworthy, simple to use, and easy to navigate, women facing an unplanned pregnancy are far more likely to make an appointment and receive care and support.

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Include factual information with links to your sources.

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Humbly share the facts.

It’s no secret that there is a lot of misinformation on the web. When your pregnancy resource center website includes (and links to) facts, you’re not only helping discredit misinformation but also reinforcing your mission of helping women access information.

Tip: Keep boring statistics short and to the point, and work to make the numbers you’re presenting eye-grabbing and visually attractive.

Use visuals that match your message.

In the retail store example, how the store looks and the staff’s demeanor help you form an opinion of the store’s brand – for better or worse.

On a crisis pregnancy center website, photos of scared or depressed women convey that women should be scared or depressed.

In turn, images on your website highlighting information, hope, and solutions communicate “we can help you.”

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Explain the process.

One essential step to having a great pregnancy center website is explaining and showing visitors what to expect during an appointment. Not only are women facing new emotions and decisions, but they’re being told not to trust you.

Explaining the process with photos and video can put a woman or couple’s concerns at ease, so they feel comfortable and confident making an appointment to receive help.

Speak with credibility.

To some degree, the opinions and experiences of others impact our beliefs and actions. It’s an instinctual survival tool.

In the retail store example, if a friend offered a poor review, you’d be less inclined to go there and more willing to visit a different store. It’s the same here.

So on your website, include testimonials with photos or videos. Sharing past clients’ experiences with future clients will bolster the confidence needed for women to make an appointment.

Use short testimonials with photos and videos to share past experiences with future clients.

If you need help improving your website, we would be honored to partner with you. It’s an easy process. You can learn more about it, schedule a call to discuss questions and next steps, or get started online.

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